Innovative and time-saving pick-by-light technology


Speedypick 2.5 is the wireless pick-by-light system with central power supply, high performance and high degree of expansion. The system is particularly suitable for use on mobile units such as picking trolleys.

  • central battery supply or alternatively 24V DC supply
  • extremely long battery runtimes
  • flexible and protected positioning of the displays in the profile
  • roaming capable
  • compatible with Speedypick AIR displays



Speedypick AIR is a trend-setting and innovative wireless pick-by-light system with high performance and a high degree of expansion.

  • for mobile as well as stationary applications
  • with long battery life
  • secure wireless connection
  • roaming capable



Speedypick II is a paperless pick-by-light system for the effective optimisation of your dispatch processes. Speedypick II is field-proven and has already proven itself in many applications and installations.

  • easy to install and operate
  • open and freely accessible interface
  • high-contrast and very easy-to-read displays
  • durable and robust technology


Speedypick Management Software

Software for controlling the wireless Speedypick systems

  • central view with the most important status information
  • user-friendly component management: teach-in, teach-out, replace, configure, organise, test modules, etc.
  • with integrated search and filter function
  • user management with assignment of rights
  • diagnosis, import and export of data, backup & restore


  • Pick-by-light

    Pick-by-light is a paperless picking process in which the picker is guided through the picking zone in a path-optimised manner via an optical signal.

    Withdrawal quantities are shown directly to the employee via a display on the storage compartment. After completing the pick, the employee usually confirms the process by pressing a confirmation button. With comparatively high pick rates, pick-by-light offers the lowest error rates. Error costs can thus be minimised with maximum throughput.

  • Modular

    For small-, medium- or large-sized companies. Regardless of your current company size, the system can be expanded modularly at any time.

    We offer you a long-lasting system that is really worthwhile for all company sizes. We are happy to advise you individually and work with you to develop a productive concept for your company size and your individual requirements.

Your advantages as:

  • Contractor

    You want to make your order picking competitive and keep the necessary expenses controllable (incl. cost control)? With Speedypick and eQ-3 you can rely on...

    Your advantages with Speedypick:

    • low acquisition costs and fast amortisation
    • robust and proven technology
    • increase in profit, e.g. by reducing the cost of errors
    • a reliable manufacturer and partner
  • Logistics Manager

    Availability and independence are your top priorities and you like to keep all options open? Speedypick helps you to implement your operational requirements...

    Your advantages with Speedypick:

    • low training effort for new employees
    • flexibility in personnel planning
    • open system interfaces
    • simple user guidance and diagnostic capability
  • Warehouse worker

    In your daily dealings with the systems, you appreciate their reliability and speed.

    Your advantages with Speedypick:

    • highly visible signal light
    • high-contrast and easy-to-read display
    • large, ergonomically shaped acknowledgement button
    • easy to understand and simple to operate

Classic goods throughput with Speedypick Pick-by-Light

Input control: visual, quantity and function check
Storage of goods in the designated storage bins (put-to-light)
Individual order picking with Speedypick Pick-by-Light
Output control: e.g. plausibility check with weight data per item
Shipping by forwarding agent and/or parcel service

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