System Speedypick 2.5

System Speedypick 2.5

The innovative Speedypick 2.5 pick-by-light system is particularly well suited for use on mobile units or in locations with no or limited electrical infrastructure. The system with the patented SpeedyCos protocol operates in the 868 MHz band and is designed for the highest possible energy efficiency. This makes it possible to realise extremely long battery runtimes.

The displays are operated in a network of one or more access points in a common radio network. Component management, commissioning and operation are supported by user-friendly management software.

All information in detail

The Speedypick 2.5 system, the innovative warehouse wireless pick-by-light system

  • simple and time-saving assembly and connection technology
  • robust mechanical construction
  • large signal lamp/acknowledgement button - combination
  • clearly visible from long distances and also from the side
  • large, backlit display
  • 2 softkeys with universal symbols, separately backlit
  • maintenance-free and durable
  • timeless and functional design
  • roaming capable
  • very high range
  • extremely energy-efficient
  • powered by rechargeable battery or separate 24VDC power supply
  • designed for mixed operation with Speedypick AIR displays

From the initial idea through planning and installation to operational use.
Speedypick 2.5 makes mobile order picking a reality. With only a few components, the system is easily to install and put into operation. Scalability facilitates planning in advance and expandability afterwards. Picking applications on picking trolleys, on mobile racks or even kanban racks - no problem with Speedypick 2.5. Of course, this also applies to put-to-light picking. The range of applications is huge.

Unlike conventional wireless pick-by-light systems, Speedypick 2.5 does not require any unnecessary overhead components on the mobile unit, such as WLAN bridges, pre-computers/controllers or oversized batteries. With Speedypick 2.5, the transmitting and receiving units are already integrated in each display. In addition, the components were designed for maximum energy efficiency right from the start. This makes very long battery runtimes possible, even in multi-shift operation. All this saves not only costs but also weight and resources for maintenance and servicing.

In the context of the user-friendly Speedypick management software (MSW), commissioning as well as further component management becomes plug & play. No in-depth specialist know-how is required for operation. This means that standard procedures such as module replacement, extensions or dismantling can be carried out directly in the field in a time- and cost-efficient manner. More information about our Management software can be found here.


Your advantages at a glance

  • simple commissioning
  • individual configuration
  • highest flexibility
  • unlimited spatial expandability
  • central power supply
  • mechanical protection for the displays
  • large radio range
  • change-of-location detection

Components required

  • management software (evaluation and processing software)
  • aeccss point with connection cable
  • display modules
  • accessories
    - aluminium profile
    - covers, end caps
    - feed adapter
    - profile cables
  • power management controller

Access point technical data

  • network speed 10 / 100 Mbit/s
  • radio data rate 10 / 100 kBit/s
  • radio range typ. 100 m in free field
  • change-of-location detection
  • firmware update via LAN
  • latency time Access Point radio display adjustable
  • housing dimensions (H x W x D) 120 mm x 96.5 mm x 32 mm

Display modules technical data

  • Typ.100m radio range in free field
  • radio data rate 10 kBit/s
  • large, high-contrast and backlit matrix display
  • large signal lamp/acknowledgement button combination
  • 7 different colours, easy to distinguish
  • 2 integrated softkeys with universal symbols, backlit
  • serial number on underside of unit
  • updateable via radio (over-the-air update)
  • freely positionable in the system profile


System components table

Access Point SP25AR8

Voltage supply 5VDC LPS or PoE according to IEEE 802.3af
Current/power consumption Approx. 135mA at 5 VDC, approx. 2W in PoE mode (PoE class 1)
Output Red LED=unit status, green LED=link/act, yellow LED=network speed
Interfaces Ethernet 10/100 Base TX
External dimensions H x W x D 120 x 96,5 x 32 mm
Weigth 165 g
Ambient temperature 0°C to +50° C

Radio display SP25DLCR84

Voltage supply via system profile with integrated cable
Output large signal-light with 7 colors, 2 backlit symbols
Input Large acknowledgement key, 2 softkeys with arrow symbols
Interfaces 868 MHz radio
External dimensions W x H x D 120 x 38 x 29mm when installed in the profile
Ambient temperature 0°C to +60° C
Visibility/recognition Very good visibility, even from acute angles

Radio display SP25DR80

Voltage supply via system profile with integrated cable
Input Large acknowledgement key
Interfaces 868 MHz radio
External dimensions W x H x D 68 x 38 x 29mm when installed in the profile
Ambient temperature -20°C to +55° C
Visibility/recognition Very good visibility, even from acute angles

Power management controller SP25PMC

Voltage supply 18VDC – 30VDC
Voltage output 18VDC – 30VDC
Max. number of displays 100 pieces
Operation via central button, standby, bus on/off, PMC on/off
Key visual status display Standby, overcurrent, output voltage, operation, bus on/off
External dimensions W x H x D approx. 120 x 130 x 25 mm
Ambient temperature -20°C to +55° C
Connection level 2 x 1.5 mm2 spring clamp terminal for input and output

Management software SP3SMS-1

Components management Add, delete and replace components
Data management Backup, restore, data export / import
Configuration Configuring the access points and the modules
Diagnosis Logging, module status, alarm mail
Testing Module test via 3 different test modes
User management Rights system for users with read / write/ update
Interface JSON-RPC
System requirements Windows from version 10 or Linux

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